Production & Recording

It's starts here, in the Studio!

A state-of-the-art recording studio with natural acoustics to completely capture your unique instrument or voice "tembre"!

The recording of your new album will take place at studios that can best record your unique interpretation and the sound of the instrument or voice. Very experienced sound engineers will insure that as well as guide through your recording session. They will help you achieve your highest potential!

On-field recording

It is possible as well to do the recording in a concert hall. Nowadays specialised mobile equipment allows to achieve maximum quality as well. Sometimes the artist feels "more at home" in a concert hall then in a studio.

Mixing your album

A great effort is dedicated to finding the most beautiful and natural sound of your recording. We take time to evaluate the mix and if we see any room for improvement we do it again before sending it to the mastering engineer.

Mastering to Perfection!

Mastering is a truly delicate art. That is why we work with specialised professionals who work as mastering engineers for decades and have perfected their art. The final master is a true sonic representation of your performance!

Next step - Design