Design & Digital Media

Your public image should match your talent!

We all agree that today's public image is as important as the quality of the performance itself. A top graphic designer product will invoque feelings of beauty, trust and professionality. From photos, EPK, websites, logo, social media, the image that is communicated to the public should do that and represent your true artist's soul!

Promotional Clip

A short yet emotionally engaging video clip will capture your audience attention and will help build your social media presence as well.

Album Release Covers

Our designers will create an amazing album cover for  your music. A custom design that will reflect your personality and soul.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

EPK will allow you to target venues, promoters and press. Include your music, photos, videos, press and bio. Make your first impression a big.

Your Unique Logo

Logo is your identity and character. People recognise and relate to images faster then text and nowadays this is more important then ever.

Full-blown Websites

Your professional website is an important part of your promotion. You can also sell your music & build fan database. It is your world!

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